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Hybrid-Grid Solar Service Battery Cabinet


The below benefits are great; in addition, we really need to discuss your specific barn requirements and use our tools to run:  cost savings, payback timeframes, disease reduction and rebates.  Please call or email us to save money!  It will also make you more money by having healthier livestock!  Benefits Include:

  • Touch screen interface for easy changes to optimize the power consumed by the system
  • Easily updatable to expand as your needs expand
  • Charting of weekly, monthly or yearly temperature, air speed, internal and external pressures
  • All charting data can be exported for easy import into any management or custom based software
  • View real-time conditions in your facility including:
    • Current power consumption
    • Costs per day, week, month or year
    • Windspeed, temperature, internal / external pressures
    • Almost any data that is important to you
  • Easily modify fan controls based on:
    • Min and max temperatures
    • Max air speed
    • Min and max air pressures (internal and external)
    • Multiple fan types
  • Auxiliary outputs to control lighting, misters, alerts, or any other external system

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Standard Livestock Comfort System (LCS)

Our LCS’s are THE BEST controls on the market!  No other controls come close to the features and benefis of our systems.  The intelligence, ease of use, and reliability of these controls will have you saving money by lowering energy costs and disease, while increasing air quality and livestock comfort.  These features give you a better atmosphere in your facility and higher productivity all around, which means more money for other things.

Our Systems payback is as low as 2 years in many cases.  Call or Email for question or more information.

Below is a table of our LCS offerings.  When you are sizing your system, the output amps of your motors should not exceed the amps listed in the table below.

Example:  a 45 fan facility with 1 HP motors would require a 50HP LCS.  (If you are running your motor(s) into the service factor, the service factor amps is what should be used for sizing).

Standard 200V – 240V & 440V – 480V : Single/Three Phase Input LCS’s


 Base Systems Include:

  • LCS FAN Power Panel
    • Nema 3R Construction With Rain Hoods
    • Designed For -10C to + 40C Air In Direct Sunlight
    • Thermostatically Controlled Enclosure Cooling
    • Screened Entrance And Exits For Cooling Air
    • Input Circuit Breaker With Interlocking Door Handle
    • Hand-Off-Auto Selector
    • Fused Control Transformer
    • Terminal Blocks. Grounding Bar
    • EMI/RFI Filter Standard Within the VFD
    • Instruction Manuals for the VFD
  • Energy Management Assistant (EMA)
    • 10″ Touch Screen Monitor To Control Fan Motors
    • Viewing Window To Protect Controls
    • Manual Override Speed Potentiometer
    • Internal Temperature And Wind Speed Sensors