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Energy Managment Assistant (EMA)

Thank you for researching our ENERGY MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (EMA).  

EMA is a separate cabinet that connects to and controls our LCS Fan Power Panel.  EMA has the following features:

  • Touch screen interface for easy changes to optimize the power consumed by the system
  • Easily updatable software to expand as your needs expand
  • Charting of weekly, monthly or yearly temperature, aema-screenir speed, internal and external pressures.
    • All charting data can be exported for easy import into any management or custom based software (30 years worth of data)
  • View real-time conditions in your facility including:
    • Current power consumption
    • Costs per day, week, month or year
    • Windspeed, temperature, internal / external pressures
    • Almost any data that is important to you
  • Easily modify fan controls based on:
    • Min and max temperatures
    • Max air speed
    • Min and max air pressures (internal and external)
    • Multiple fan types
  • Auxiliary outputs to control lighting, misters, alerts, or any other external system
  • more benefits…