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Pays 4 Ways

1. Healthier cows
2. Increased milk
3. Lower energy bills
4. Less maintenance

In terms of energy savings, it’s a slam dunk.

The biggest benefit of the Livestock Comfort System is that is increases or decreases the speed of air circulation based on environmental factors such as temperature, air speed and pressure. When temperatures are cooler, fans turn less and consume less energy. And when it’s warmer, they ramp up.

—Steve Kayhart, Kayhart Brothers Dairy


Photo Courtesy of Cabot Creamery Co-operative

Our cows never have stale air; they’re always breathing in healthy air.

We’ve noticed fewer cases of pneumonia after installing the Livestock Comfort System. I really notice the improved environment in the wintertime. Our fans are set to turn at 42 degrees. The fans may not be running fast, but they’re moving air.

—Tanner Mashek, Hilltop Acres Farm

Improve cow comfort, freestall barn ventilation and profit

The Livestock Comfort System by Genesys Energy Systems is an all-in-one, automated barn ventilation management system that provides significant energy savings, paying for itself in as little as one year.

The only system of its kind on the market, the Livestock Comfort System is a complete plug-and-play power and control system. A single system automatically controls and adjusts fan speed, curtains, alarms, lighting and sprinklers both inside and outside the freestall barn.

With just the touch of a button, experience year-round benefits of lowering energy costs while increasing air quality, cow comfort and overall cow health.

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