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Come see us at the World Dairy Expo!  We will be happy to talk with you about how our products can save you money and provide a better environment for your animals!

Real Energy Savings

This customer saved 14,000 KWH from the September before using our Livestock Comfort System (LCS).  They showed us there bill!

American Dairyman Featured Article

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Optimizing Barn Ventilation
for Animal Comfort and Energy Savings

Our Livestock Comfort System (LCS) with Energy Management Assistant (EMA) helps provide greater health and comfort of the animals.  Genesys Energy Systems offers a complete solution for automating the ventilation of your facility.

Livestock Comfort Systems - The ultimate fan climate controls

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Retraining the Ventilation Industry

Our recent wind tunnel testing achieved 117 CFM per watt.


  • Touch screen interface for easy changes to optimize the power consumed by the system
  • Easily updatable to expand as your needs expand
  • Charting of weekly, monthly or yearly temperature, air speed, internal and external pressures
  • All charting data can be exported for easy import into any management or custom based software
  • View real-time conditions in your facility including:
    • Current power consumption
    • Costs per day, week, month or year
    • Windspeed, temperature, internal / external pressures
    • Almost any data that is important to you
  • Easily modify fan controls based on:
    • Min and max temperatures
    • Max air speed
    • Min and max air pressures (internal and external)
    • Multiple fan types
  • Auxiliary outputs to control lighting, misters, alerts, or any other external system

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