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Solar Service Control Panel

Our Solar Service Control Panels (SSCP – pictures below) give an electrician or the Do-It Yourself’er (DIY) an easy way to connect a home or businesses solar array to the electric utility.  The SSCP helps you easily meet the National Electric Codes by making it very easy to connect solar to your home or business in an On-Grid or Hybrid-Grid fashion.

The On-Grid SSCP currently comes in two sizes:  7.6KW or 11.4KW panel with SolarEdge inverters installed; while the Hybrid-Grid is a 15KW panel with Sigineer technology installed.  Every SSCP includes no hassle connectors to your solar array and to your electric utility company.  The following components are pre-wired in all cabinets:

  • Utility fed main circuit breaker (NEC requirement).
  • Solar power inverter AC protection circuit breaker (NEC requirement).
  • Customer grounding connections inside the cabinet.
  • External ground connection for power limited devices.
  • Handle actuator kit for external main breaker operation and lockout.

Other benefits:

  • All cabinets have a Nema 3R environmental rating to keep the inverter and all associated parts in a secure environment.  The intrinsically safe enclosure keeps high voltage DC isolated inside the cabinet. The cabinet is LOCKABLE and is fan ventilated.
  • Includes a built in power analysis module for secondary metering.
  • The cabinet is a utility rated enclosure and is engineered for a solar application.
  • Lockable main disconnect for utility servicing and inspection.
  • Provisions for rapid shut down are incorporated by design.
  • Compact design keeps visual impact to a minimum; eliminating the need to have 5-10 components connected with conduit on the outside of the building.
  • Compact design with all these features already installed lets the DIY installer easily install the SSCP themselves.  It also cuts an electricians installation time by at least 70% and normally can be done by one person.
  • Color match cabinet options available at an extra charge.
  • Load tested design ensures a flawless start up of your solar service.
  • Clearly identified terminals for AC and DC power.
  • Engineered and Service rated for code compliance and easy installation
  • Manual overrides for system maintenance and inspection.
  • Fans and filters built for heavy dust environment.
  • Lockout disconnect standard for safe servicing.

Click the link to On-Grid or Hybrid-Grid to get more detailed information.