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Hybrid-Grid Solar Service Battery Cabinet

The Hybrid-Grid Battery Cabinet allows the GES Hybrid-Grid Solar Service Panel to operate as an Off-Grid system and utilize energy stored in the battery.  The Hybrid-Grid Solar Service Panel utilizes a ATS (automatic transfer switch) to use battery power when the grid is unavailable (something the on-grid systems cannot do) and then automatically switch back to the grid once it becomes available again without any interruption to the home or facility.

Features available when using the Hybrid-Grid Battery Cabinet with the Hybrid-Grid Solar Service Panel:

  • Seamless switching from grid power to battery power without interruption.
  • Available in 25 KWh and 50 KWh (16 KWh and 32 KWh usable).
  • 25 KWh upgradable to 50 KWh.
  • Active and Passive battery management system (BMS) used to keep batteries safe and continually optimized.
  • Can be configured with 1 or 2 Midnite solar charge controllers to charge batteries and allow extra solar power to be used in the home/facility.
  • The cabinet has Nema 3R environmental ratings to keep all battery components in a secure environment. The intrinsically safe enclosure keeps high voltage DC isolated inside the cabinet. The cabinet is LOCKABLE and is fan ventilated.
  • Provisions for rapid shut down are incorporated by design.
  • Compact design keeps visual impact to a minimum; eliminating the need to have 5-10 components connected with conduit on the outside of the building.
  • Compact design with all these features already installed lets the DIY installer easily install the Hybrid-Grid Battery Cabinet themselves.  It also cuts an electricians installation time by at least 70% and normally can be done by one person.
  • Color match cabinet options available at an extra charge.
  • Load tested design ensures a flawless start up of your solar service.
  • Engineered and Service rated for code compliance and easy installation
  • Manual overrides for system maintenance and inspection.
  • Fans and filters built for heavy dust environment.
  • Lockout disconnect standard for safe servicing.

We thought we'd explain a little more about what our hybrid renewable energy system is all about! It combines the best both on and off grid energy!The best part of this system is that you are never without power and the battery storage allows you to use the renewable energy you make all day, all night! More videos to follow about the different ways you can use renewable energy the right way for you!Please like and share this video with your friends!

Posted by Genesys Energy Systems on Tuesday, 24 September 2019